Extreme Stream with Animals, Zulu Alpha Kilo & Subaru

First Mile provides connectivity out of thin air for commercial campaign

Ever had a want to stream a perfect aerial camera feed out to your client and agency directly from the helicopter you’re shooting in? What about streaming your scenes live from the side of a mountain in remote British Columbia? Canadian commercial production company Animals and agency Zulu Alpha Kilo did just that with help from the First Mile Technologies team for their latest Subaru Outback Wilderness campaign, “Set if Free” helmed by director collective, Sherpas.

Copter to Copter shooting while streaming live to remote viewers.

Two helicopters were deployed, one carrying a Subaru Outback (Wilderness Edition), the other with a camera unit capturing all the action. The crew sent stunning images of the vehicle suspended by a cable over the breathtaking background of the Vancouver skyline back to client and agency who watched live on our FRAME WebRTC platform from a feed provided by one of our Dejero EnGo transmitters high in the sky.

Once the car was set down in a remote mountainous region outside of Squamish, BC the shoot continued with the crew connected and streaming out video. First Mile SatCom engineer Gary Tapp and our portable C-Com Satellite antenna were able to provide the production with all the bandwidth they needed to keep creatives and decision makers on the same page in a place with no existing connectivity. An on set-wireless network with a VOIP phone link enabled communication with the outside world and a low latency stream opened a window to what was being shot in the isolated wilderness. 

Connectivity from thin air! – Photo by Gary Tapp

Take a look at the finished spot, a fantastic example of using high grade connectivity tools to keep your set connected no matter where you are.